XEPA in II Performance International Biennial DEFORMES 2008 in Valdivia: meeting with students

We (XEPA) were - between 11 and 14 o’clock - at Philosophy and Humanities School / Chile Southern University in a meeting with students and professionals from that school and from the Visual Arts School of the same University.

The content presented as dialogue starting point was a summarized panorama of Coletivo Xepa's path and our strategies of work and/or of circulation of images and actions. For that, besides photographic collection, two videos were exhibited: Permeable 4 (video-essay, 2007) and El los Precio Ladrillos no se Pelea (short documentation version of homonymous action accomplished in 2007 in Paseo del Buen Pastor - Córdoba, Argentina - as part of Parabrisas Project's programming, inside of Mercosur's Teather Festival).

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