(I) trip Notes DEFORMES 2008: Valdívia> transit Brazil-Argentina-Chile

[Photo: from Córdoba, almost arriving to Mendoza]
"Without Marcelino, without Marco Paulo, I left the bus station of Córdoba (Argentina) at 10:30 PM yesterday, Sunday. I’m going to the city of Valdívia, south of Chile, where the second module of the Biennial began already (it was in Santiago from 4 to 15 and in Valdívia from 15 to 22). I will arrive in the bus station in that city full of floods/disappearance and reappearance/ruins histories at 6 PM in the Tuesday morning, 18.

As Marcelino said, all our process of administration exercises to go to Chile constitutes, in a quite dense way, a DISPLACEMENT - one of the focuses of the Biennial coordinated by Gonzalo Rabanal, Chilean artist and art manager.

With Marco Paulo Rolla and Marcelino Peixoto and later with Marcelino (always with Marcelo Márquez, our great collaborator), we lived every kind of situations - some bureaucratic ones, other practices, other extremely affective - and humors, we suffered together each change and/or adaptation in the plans until, for good sense exercise and perception of 'finishing', to verify that we would not be in Chile now. Therefore the potency exercise came later, something about ‘to do what you can with what you have’ (Xepa’s key spirit), and then, after adding each portion of resources that each one of the two had (and what we didn't have), I follow by bus to Valdívia, lonely and well accompanied, with a lot of presence disposition and almost any patience.

We left (I use the plural because it’s Xepa who is travelling) with the commitment of to exhibit in Valdívia some of the video works and to accomplish a speech with local students and artists about Xepa’s workpieces and strategies of action. The project of the action/intervention proposed and approved before - construction of ruins through the action from the series Construction and Fall of Bodies - won't be accomplished, at least not now, for lack of infrastructure (actually the Biennial is happening through the sum of resources and supports gotten by each artist invited, through own administration in her/his respective original country).

Xepa in transit.

V.G ".

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