(III) Trip Notes DEFORMES 2008: Valdivia> on the city and its almost-disappearance in 1960

[Photos: bridge and remains of constructions - Calle-Calle River]

Valdivia is a city and commune in Chile, capital of the province with same name, located in Los Ríos' (The Rivers’) Area. It has a population of 140.559 inhabitants and a surface of 1.016 km². The city is located between the rivers Calle-Calle, Valdivia and Cau-Cau.

Valdivia was one of the most affected cities by the Great Earthquake of Chile (1960 May 22), registering 9.5 points in Richter scale, what made it the stronger earthquake in the history of humanity. People consider that the city has sunk about two meters after the phenomenon.

(Source: Wikipédia)

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