A passagem tensa dos corpos [The tense passage of the bodies]

"Nobody lives without a 'good one dead body' - says the narrator. The human feelings, individual and collective, leans on in the loss - or in her prominence -, and every city is founded over a collection of existence sacrificied. However, it's necessary to move the cadavers away from the view, maintaining them secret and buried as inert matter or memory. On the solid ground of the buried death, it's constructed faiths, loves and the civilization itself. (...)"

Trovão [Thunder] - Carlos de Brito e Mello - was born in Belo Horizonte, 1974. He is Master in Social Communication, academical teacher and researcher. He integrates Xepa Collective and also published the book of stories O cadáver ri dos seus despojos [The cadaver laughs at its leftoverses] (Scriptum, 2007).